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The Other Guy

Otherwise known as the case of the mistaken identity

This is Andrew Zimmerman. No, not the wildly popular, hugely successful, world famous T.V. personality Andrew Zimmern. The other guy, that’s him. Confused? Don’t feel bad, people mistake them for each other all the time. And quite honestly, there couldn’t be a nicer guy to almost share a name with.

Andrew Zimmerman may not be world famous (yet), but he is fairly accomplished in his own right. He runs 2 successful Chicago restaurants, has won all kinds of awards and accolades and is known throughout the Chicago dining community for having an encyclopedic knowledge of food and cooking.

Meeting of the minds Chef’s Night Out

Much like his friend Zimmern, Andrew has a love of international cuisines. At his restaurant Proxi you will find an eclectic mix of dishes that originated anywhere from India to Indonesia, Mexico to Malaysia and beyond. The thread that ties them all together is Andrew’s expertise at balancing their bright, bold flavors. At Zimmerman’s Michelin Star fine dining restaurant Sepia, guests enjoy the finest ingredients and techniques benefiting from Zimmerman’s 25 plus years of studying his craft.

Chef Zimmerman with wife Lindsey at the James Beard Awards